Pool Commission


Office Hours


Tallman House
Second Monday of each month
at 7:30 PM.

Pool Commission

James Breheney, Mgr.
Barbara Wortmann, Treasurer
Camilla Dronge-Corona
Elaine Lapinig
Dafni Nikas
Brenda Jamieson
Gregory Dedeian, Chairperson
Hector Olmo, Liasion
Mark Spina, Liaison

The Pool Commission meets at the Tallman House on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM.

The Pool Commissioners and the Mayor and Council are awaiting guidance from the Governor of New Jersey before a decision is made to open the Cresskill Municipal Pool for the 2020 season


Potentially, we would like to open on July 1 and end the season toward the end of September.  However, staffing considerations are just one of the challenges we will be facing and we will update this time line as soon as wiccan confirm with NJ officials.

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No FAQs for this department.